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Serving Teams Like Yours

Premier Takeoff & Estimating is equipped to help a variety of industries achieve efficient, timely bidding practices. The industries we serve include:

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General & Specialty Contractors

Helping the pros on the ground control costs on existing projects and develop new bids to keep jobs coming in. We help contractors develop a bill of materials that’s comprehensive and made using the very latest in material cost data. Our expert estimators are also experienced in the industry, and we can help find discrepancies or errors in your plans. 

With Premier Takeoffs & Estimating, the jobs come in faster and get done more smoothly.


Engineers & Architects

With accurate takeoffs, new designs can more easily make the jump from paper to physical structures. To get that project started, you’re going to need an accurate budget for both materials and manpower, and Premier Takeoffs & Estimating can get you those figures quickly so you can start moving forward. We’ll help you bring your vision to life.

Real Estate Develop

Real Estate Developers

Controlling costs is key to building or renovating successful investment properties, and accurate takeoffs let developers make shrewd decisions to benefit their investors. Certainty is the backbone of any investment, and Premier Takeoffs & Estimating gives you the precise data you need to move forward with confidence and be a wise steward of your financial resources.

Material Suppliers

Materials Suppliers

Working directly with materials suppliers helps ensure the greatest level of accuracy for every single project. Premier Takeoffs & Estimating gives materials suppliers the confidence of knowing how much they need to have on-hand to meet the needs of their clients. Accurate takeoffs help suppliers streamline their ordering while still keeping their customers happy, and Premier Takeoffs & Estimating is part of the win-win solution.

Property Owners

Property Owners

Managing and maintaining commercial or residential properties requires the wise stewardship of resources, and precise takeoffs allow for timely decisions on repairs and renovations. With Premier Takeoffs & Estimating, we can help remove all the uncertainty from your next project by delivering accurate estimates for both materials and labor, keeping you on schedule and under budget.

Project Manage

Project Managers & Estimators

Having an experienced takeoff service allows project managers to get vital approvals and get projects underway faster, staying on schedule and under budget. As a project manager you’re measured by your ability to bring a project in on-time and within budget, and working with Premier Takeoffs & Estimating allows you to get a clear picture of material costs, labor costs, and timeframe before Day 1. Start off strong with the data-driven confidence of Premier Takeoffs & Estimating.

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Premier Takeoffs & Estimates is proficient in all CSI Divisions:

● Division 01 – General Requirements
● Division 02 – Existing Conditions
● Division 03 – Concrete
● Division 04 – Masonry
● Division 05 – Metals
● Division 06 – Wood, Plastics, Composites
● Division 07 – Thermal & Moisture Protection
● Division 08 – Openings
● Division 09 – Finishes
● Division 10 – Specialties
● Division 11 – Equipment
● Division 12 – Furnishings
● Division 13 – Special Construction
● Division 14 – Conveying Equipment
● Division 21 – Fire Suppression
● Division 22 – Plumbing
● Division 23 – Heating, Ventilating, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

● Division 25 – Integrated Automation
● Division 26 – Electrical
● Division 27 – Communications
● Division 28 – Electronic Safety & Security
● Division 31 – Earthwork
● Division 32 – Exterior Improvements
● Division 33 – Utilities
● Division 34 – Transportation
● Division 35 – Waterway & Marine Construction
● Division 40 – Process Integration
● Division 41 – Material Processing & Handling Equipment
● Division 42 – Process Heating, Cooling, & Drying Equipment
● Division 43 – Process Gas & Liquid Handling, Purification & Storage
● Division 44 – Pollution & Waste Control Equipment
● Division 45 – Industry-Specific Manufacturing Equipment
● Division 46 – Water & Wastewater Equipment
● Division 48 – Electrical Power Generation

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